Pampered Pet Center is our stay and play place because...

At Pampered Pet Center, we’re a community of animal lovers whose pets are treated as a member of our family when they are in our care. Recently we reached out to some of our long time pet parents and asked them to share their thoughts about their experiences at the Center. Here are just a few of the replies we received:




I adopted Lola from the Stray Rescue when I lived in St. Louis. She was a handful from the get-go. She decided what she was doing, where she was going and when. Pampered Pet Center is great for Lola. She has lots of friends to play with – if she wants. She has plenty of outdoor space to run – if she wants, and best of all, she’s not contained while at daycare. To say Lola is anxious is an understatement. But, Mary and her entire crew understand Lola’s unique personality and needs. Pampered Pet Center makes for a happy Lola – which makes for a happy me!

Amy Roy


My Riley is a big goofy toddler in an 80-lb body. As soon as we hit the highway headed toward the Center – he starts dancing and whining – can’t wait to get there and be with his friends. I love that he can spend the day with staff who love him and dog friends who’ll put up with his goofy ways. Watching him run outside in their park is exactly what pure joy looks like!

Kim Rosendahl

Kayla & Krista

We’ve been using Pampered Pet Center since they opened their doors in 2003. Our first Lab, Kayla, was one of their first “customers”. Now with our 2nd Lab, Krista, we continue that joyous tradition. Krista thinks Pampered Pet Center is her second home and the friendly staff part of her family. They not only take great care of your pet – they do it in a sweet, caring way.

Marian & Ed Pruit



I’ve been bringing Essie here since she came to me 3 years ago. To say she gets excited about going there would be an understatement! Her tail almost flies right off her butt! She knows exactly where she’s going when we turn the corner. She’s made so many friends – and after a play day, she barely makes it long enough to eat before she’s passed out for the night. As a “pet parent”, I appreciate knowing she’s going to be very well taken care of when I’m gone – that’s worth everything to me!

Lisa Hatcher


Bosco loves Pampered Pet Center – and so do we! Having a place for him to socialize has been key to him being a happy, healthy dog. He can’t wait to get in the door – in fact, he’s excited when we get within a mile of the Center. We can say enough about the love and care he gets – and the peace of mind for us, knowing he’s with folks who truly love him and love what they do!

Judith Goss

Charley & Lily

Pampered Pet Center and its staff are a blessing to our community. We’ve been taking our dogs there for over 10 years. The manager, Mary, truly has a special gift for what she does – she cares about each and every pet you place in her care – and the same goes for the entire staff. I’ve never thought of the Center as just a place to board my pets – but more like a Doggie Hotel – one with 5-star service. They always go above and beyond to make sure your pet receives the love and care they deserve.

Joyce & Jim Edwards